Cold Water Regulators

A Must Have For Any Arctic Warrior

When the first ice explorers discovered their regulators weren’t up to scratch, they got together with some egg heads and developed the ‘environmentally sealed regulator’ – capable of diving in sub-zero temperatures found anywhere on earth. You may be thinking about bringing your trusty old regulator to Iceland. Unless it’s made for cold water, there’s more chance of seeing a mermaid, than of it not free flowing!

A normal, run of the mill, warm water regulator is completely exposed to water temperature and debris, whereas one made with environmental sealing protects against ice build-up and horrible salt water. The last thing you want is for anything to come between your lungs and the air. And that’s why the kick ass underwater.

Weird Science: Liquid silicone, or some other fancy non-freezing fluid is filled and ‘sealed’ inside a chamber within the first stage of the regulator, which in layman’s terms means; basically the first stage is completely ‘sealed off’ from water and air, which reduces freezing and stop it from hissing and free flowing all over the place.


They’re a bit more pricey to buy and service but who cares? It’s essentially your life support equipment and allows you to enjoy the beautiful underwater world of Iceland. Lastly, don’t forget to get one with a good mouthpiece that feels rock solid in your teeth. The reason being; when you see over 100m, the regulator may fall out.

Our top tips to help prevent your regulator from freezing up:

  • When you’re not underwater, don’t breathe from or purge your second stage
  • Change the breathing resistance from (+ to -) on your second stage
  • At the surface, keep your regulator mouthpiece face down in the water
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