FW 58 Lac Du Bourget - WWII Airplane Wreck in France
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Team 7/70: Diving Deep on TRIMIX

Team 7/70 is a technical diving team based out Italy that is diving deep on Trimix. They recently dived on the Focke Wulf 58 in the lake, Lac du Bourget France, to depths of over 330 ft/100 meters. Not only is the wreckage of this place of historical significance but …

FrogKickers - Florida Cave Diving with GUE
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FrogKickers – Diving in Florida Caves

I have been following Andrew and Tina’s Instagram account; @frogkickers for quite some time. They put out some great content and always seem to be diving in Florida caves that make me jealous!

I have a lot of respect for GUE divers as that level of training immediately indicates they …

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Featured Diver: Kyle Nowadnick

We met Kyle through a previously featured diver, Brian. He’s a huge fan on diving his DUI setup in the Pacific Northwest, US. Read on to learn more about this month’s featured diver.

Wolf Eel in the Pacific Northwest

What are your current certs?
Open water, advanced open water, rescue diver, dive …

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Featured Diver of the Month: Michael Zeigler

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After weeks of stalking Michael’s amazing photographs on Instagram, we finally see of shot of him in his exposure suit. We nearly fell out of our chairs when we realized he was a dry suit diver! We thought for sure the color and vibrance portrayed …

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Witness to War with Dianne Strong

Dianne Strong is one of my favorite divers and authors. First certified in 1969, she’s been diving Guam and Micronesia since 1972. When it comes to diving, she has done and seen it all. She talked with us recently about her diving history, and her dry suit dives in Monterey, California.