Mares Loop 15X regulator: So Simple Yet So Amazing

Just like everyone else, I like to browse around at online scuba retailers and dream about all the stuff I would buy if money wasn’t an issue.

Recently I found something very unique, something that after I saw it I was thinking why didn’t someone come up with this years ago.  It was revealed at DEMA 2016 by Mares and is now appearing on the shelves of your local and online dive shops.  It is the Mares Loop 15X Scuba Regulator.  What is so earth shattering about this new regulator that warrants this kind of broohaha?  On the second stage, THE HOSE COMES IN FROM THE BOTTOM INSTEAD OF THE SIDE!!

But why does this matter?

Well, for your traditional recreational diver it changes your hose routing from over your shoulder to under your armpit.  This will relieve any lateral binding that some divers experience when moving their head from side to side.  Also, in the event of having to share air, in their haste to pass the octo the receiver often puts the reg into their mouth upside-down and gets a mouth full of water.  With the hose coming from the bottom there is no confusing the orientation when face-to-face with your dive buddy.  As for your technical diver, a reg of this configuration is perfect for a bailout bottle that is  mounted under your arms.  In the event that you need to bailout it would be very intuitive to pull the regulator up to your face in a quick and smooth motion.  If I was in the market for a new regulator I would definitely give this one a serious look.  I haven’t had any hands on experience with this regulator yet but if the people at Mares see this I would be happy to do a review for you.  Just email me at greg(at)


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