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Only Hyperbaric Chamber in Hawaii is Not Accepting Patients

Have you actually thought about what you would do if you experienced symptoms of decompression sickness (DCS) or decompression illness (DCI)?

Would you call 911 or do you have the Divers Alert Network (DAN) emergency hotline number available?

Both are viable options depending on where you are diving. The most …

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Photo Essay with Michael Zeigler of Sea in Focus

Michael Zeigler is a professional underwater photographer who runs Immersed Imaging and Sea in Focus. We’ve got a great interview with Michael coming up so stay tuned for that; he details what it takes to become a professional underwater photographer and some of his recent adventures. If you’re interested in …

FrogKickers - Florida Cave Diving with GUE
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FrogKickers – Diving in Florida Caves

I have been following Andrew and Tina’s Instagram account; @frogkickers for quite some time. They put out some great content and always seem to be diving in Florida caves that make me jealous!

I have a lot of respect for GUE divers as that level of training immediately indicates they …

Jani Expedition Divers
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Jani of Expedition Divers Interview Sneak Peek

This is Jani of Expedition Divers, doing what he does best – even tossing us the Shaka because who wouldn’t want to hang loose on a deco stop!?

We sat down with Jani to chat about diving, expeditions, adventure and life (all that other stuff pretty much is life though, right!).


Jani …

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Diving Cenote Angelita in Mexico [VIDEO]

If you’ve never heard of diving the Cenotes of Mexico; now is your chance.

A magical place, still mostly unexplored; this is a tech divers paradise. Watch the video and become enamored with it’s secrets. Video courtesy of Juan and Advanced Divers Cancun

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Featured Diver: Kyle Nowadnick

We met Kyle through a previously featured diver, Brian. He’s a huge fan on diving his DUI setup in the Pacific Northwest, US. Read on to learn more about this month’s featured diver.

Wolf Eel in the Pacific Northwest

What are your current certs?
Open water, advanced open water, rescue diver, dive …

Shag Wall
Dry Suit Guide

Cold Water Regulators

A Must Have For Any Arctic Warrior

When the first ice explorers discovered their regulators weren’t up to scratch, they got together with some egg heads and developed the ‘environmentally sealed regulator’ – capable of diving in sub-zero temperatures found anywhere on earth. You may be thinking about bringing your trusty …

Steller Sea Lions by David duChemin
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Steller Sea Lions of the Salish Sea

We have a special feature today, dear reader! Founder and Chief Executive Nomad of CraftandVision.com, Mr. David duChemin, shares his recent encounter with Pacific Northwest Sea Lions. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and settle in — this is a good story.

Accompanying David’s article is his action-packed photography of the …