BOOK REVIEW: U-Boats Off The Outer Banks: Shadows In The Moonlight

U-Boats Off The Outer Banks: Shadows In The Moonlight

Jim Bunch is the world’s leading authority on the U-85. He has made over 1,000 dives on her and is the author of three books on the subject. Jim started diving the shipwrecks off the Outer Banks in the 1950’s. By 1994, he had logged in excess of 5,000 dives – a remarkable feat itself. He is a Road Scholar for the North Carolina Humanities Council and serves on the board of Friends of the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. A past chairman of NOAA’s Monitor Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council, his latest book is U-Boats Off The Outer Banks.

Supplemented with 99 images, Bunch brings to life the u-boat activity off the North Carolina coast during the first seven months of 1942 when over 75 ships were sunk off the Outer Banks. Expertly researched, Bunch details the activity and sinking of the three u-boats that still lay on the bottom of the Atlantic off North Carolina’s coast – U-85, U-352, and U-701. He also discusses the sinking of scores of ships that are now popular dives along the coast.

This book is a must for anyone interested in the early u-boat war along the Eastern Sea Frontier (ESF), u-boats, and shipwrecks. This books is of particular interest to divers looking for more information on the history of the wrecks they have a desire to dive and explore.

U-Boats Off The Outer Banks
Paperback, 192 pages, 99 illustrations
The History Press
$25 available directly from the author – signed, personalized, includes shipping.
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Reviewed by Erik Petkovic
March 2017