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Using VA Education Benefits to become a Dive Professional

Believe it or not, if you honorably served in the United States Military you can use your VA Education Benefits to become a Dive Professional.

These benefits can cover all costs for tuition, equipment, and even a housing allowance while you train. But there is a lot to know and …

Diving Antarctica 2019

Diving Antarctica 2019: Lessons Learned

Compared to the Bonne Terre blog, this one will be much shorter but very important. Training for cold water diving is not just about doing the dives as I have mentioned before, it’s about learning my equipment. It is weird to say, but I am thankful for the issues I …

FW 58 Lac Du Bourget - WWII Airplane Wreck in France
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Team 7/70: Diving Deep on TRIMIX

Team 7/70 is a technical diving team based out Italy that is diving deep on Trimix. They recently dived on the Focke Wulf 58 in the lake, Lac du Bourget France, to depths of over 330 ft/100 meters. Not only is the wreckage of this place of historical significance but …

Jani Expedition Divers
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Jani of Expedition Divers Interview Sneak Peek

This is Jani of Expedition Divers, doing what he does best – even tossing us the Shaka because who wouldn’t want to hang loose on a deco stop!?

We sat down with Jani to chat about diving, expeditions, adventure and life (all that other stuff pretty much is life though, right!).


Jani …

Steller Sea Lions by David duChemin
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Steller Sea Lions of the Salish Sea

We have a special feature today, dear reader! Founder and Chief Executive Nomad of CraftandVision.com, Mr. David duChemin, shares his recent encounter with Pacific Northwest Sea Lions. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and settle in — this is a good story.

Accompanying David’s article is his action-packed photography of the …

Another schooner called ”Despatch” built the same time as Prosper and the same rigging.
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An unknown from a small town in the country
Text & Illustration: Anders Jälmsjö – Underwater Photography: Torbjörn Gylleus

When I moved back to Sweden after a decade and a half in the sun, I ended up in Västervik to start my project VÄSTERVIK DYKPARK. I set up shop in the Småland …