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Diving the Valiant Plane Wreck – Lake Washington USA


I drug my rebreather and diving kit (in a 45 kg Pelican) 2300 miles to Seattle from Honolulu to dive on the Valiant Plane Wreck; a WWII treasure laying just a few miles north of Seattle.

It was quite an interesting day.

It’s always fun to travel with a rebreather. I’m never …

Diving Antarctica 2019

Diving Antarctica 2019: Lessons Learned

Compared to the Bonne Terre blog, this one will be much shorter but very important. Training for cold water diving is not just about doing the dives as I have mentioned before, it’s about learning my equipment. It is weird to say, but I am thankful for the issues I …

FrogKickers - Florida Cave Diving with GUE
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FrogKickers – Diving in Florida Caves

I have been following Andrew and Tina’s Instagram account; @frogkickers for quite some time. They put out some great content and always seem to be diving in Florida caves that make me jealous!

I have a lot of respect for GUE divers as that level of training immediately indicates they …

Jani Expedition Divers
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Jani of Expedition Divers Interview Sneak Peek

This is Jani of Expedition Divers, doing what he does best – even tossing us the Shaka because who wouldn’t want to hang loose on a deco stop!?

We sat down with Jani to chat about diving, expeditions, adventure and life (all that other stuff pretty much is life though, right!).


Jani …

Steller Sea Lions by David duChemin
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Steller Sea Lions of the Salish Sea

We have a special feature today, dear reader! Founder and Chief Executive Nomad of CraftandVision.com, Mr. David duChemin, shares his recent encounter with Pacific Northwest Sea Lions. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and settle in — this is a good story.

Accompanying David’s article is his action-packed photography of the …

Another schooner called ”Despatch” built the same time as Prosper and the same rigging.
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An unknown from a small town in the country
Text & Illustration: Anders Jälmsjö – Underwater Photography: Torbjörn Gylleus

When I moved back to Sweden after a decade and a half in the sun, I ended up in Västervik to start my project VÄSTERVIK DYKPARK. I set up shop in the Småland …