Witness to War: Truk Lagoon’s Master Diver Kimiuo Aisek

I first read Dianne Strong’s biography of Kimiuo Aisek in preparation for my Truk diving trip. I knew very little about Truk or diving on Truk, aside from it was a notorious wreck diving locale.

When I stepped off the plane, the story of Kimiuo came alive. I was transported not only to a forgotten time and place in Micronesia, but the world of the famous diver. Everywhere I turned, I imagined the descriptive scenes from the book.

As I descended to my first wreck, I recalled words from the book, stories of Kimiuo working on the various boats and with the men who perished in Operation Hailstone.

Having read book prior to diving the wrecks gave me great reverence for the sites and gave the experience way more dimension than any other reef or wreck I had visited. Since then, I’ve made a great effort to learn all I can about my dive sites . The underwater world is more than just pretty fish and sunken treasures. There is much history to learn in the depths, about ourselves and our planet.

This book will forever have a special place in my library.

Witness to War: Truk Lagoon’s Master Diver Kimiuo Aisek by Dianne Strong, now available for Kindle readers on Amazon.com for just $9.99.